Health and Fitness Goal

This section is all about my health and fitness journey.  It is based on my individual needs and I would recommend if anyone is interested in doing something similar to first determine your food triggers for inflammation.

I have had  strict diet for several years now and do not have gluten or sugar in my diet.  I find gluten does cause inflammation for me and aggravates my condition.  I don’t have sugar because I just don’t think it is good for anyone to have refined sugar in your diet (but this is just my opinion).  I had also cut out diary, but have found this causes no inflammation after re introducing it into my diet after 7 months, as I enjoy diary and find it benefits me (specially yoghurt as it is high in probiotics and good for gut health).  Soy is another common trigger and although after cutting it out I didn’t find it caused me any reactions, I still don’t go out of my way to include it into my diet.

I don’t have a lot of meat in my diet, as I find my body finds it difficult to digest, I used to be vegan some years ago and although I enjoy diary, I would still say my diet is mostly vegetarian.  I have also tested nightshades as for some people this causes inflammation, however I did not find this for myself.  So I do include vegetables from this family in my diet such as tomatoes, chilli and eggplant.

My exercise routine is also based on what I have found works for me. I am using weight training techniques I learned through many months with rehabilitation trainers, to ensure I am using the right techniques to complete my training safely and without causing an aggravation to my painful joints.  I wouldn’t recommend anyone begin any training without speaking to their doctor first and making sure you know the technique to do the exercises safely.  I have also learned techniques to know when my body is running at its optimum to get the most out of my exercise and when to not go so hard.  I have been weight training on and off over the last few years and I would encourage you to determine what works with for with a trained profession before beginning any regime.

I will be posting weekly my progress, with my diet and exercise and will do a follow up with how I went and how my body coped with it all.  My aim is only to get stronger, fitter, have more energy, and feel better about myself.


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