My autoimmunity or why the body attacks itself

My autoimmunity or why the body attacks itself

Quit hitting yourself

Having an autoimmune disorder of any shape or form can be described as ordering a military to open fire at kittens thinking they are trying to invade the country and cause harm to its people. (Pretty sad if you picture it, those poor kittens). But that’s what happens in the body of anyone with an autoimmune condition. The body goes into war when there is no threat.

But why? It’s all in the genetics, passed down through generations much like valuable jewellery minus the sparkle and monetary value (it’s nothing like jewellery). It doesn’t necessarily pass down each generation, it waits for the perfect combination of chromosomes from both parents much like winning the lotto of bad genetics. In my case I have it, I have 3 siblings, 4 nieces and nephews, endless aunts and uncles, none of whom have it, but one lucky cousin who also won the lotto of bad genetics.

My autoimmune conditions are Psoriasis (sore-eye-a-sis) and Psoriatic Arthritis.  I have had Psoriasis since 6 months of age, always in a mild to moderate form but increased to severe chronic Psoriasis by my mid 20’s, this happens to 2% of people. Psoriasis appears as a result of the immune system being overactive and increasing the production white blood cells for skin renewal, it is between 11-30 times faster than the “normal person” (I say 11-30 because the information on the cell renewal cycle is very inconsistent). It shows up as scales, rashes, blisters or small dots on the skin based on the type of Psoriasis a person has. It can also be on your scalp, nails, in your ears, in the nether regions (oh my). It is uncomfortable, sore, and itchy, it can bleed, and even become infected. It has been known to cause dehydration, loss of sleep (from being itchy) low self-esteem, psychological issues, the need to hide and cover up, isolate yourself and significantly reduce your quality of life. Anyone with Psoriasis specially a severe form will tell you it’s more than skin deep, it really takes over your life and that of people around you.

Psoriasis is also related to a form of Arthritis called Psoriatic Arthritis, I was officially diagnosed with this condition at 28 (I say officially because I had the symptoms for many years but no GP had any idea or even considered a form of arthritis due to my age). It is similar to rheumatoid arthritis, causes joint pain, stiffness, difficulty sleeping, itchy eyes, fatigue, low self-esteem and same as any autoimmune condition the quality of your life and those around you.

These are the two I have, but there is a list of autoimmune conditions to give you a better idea of how many there are (there are 160 on this site of autoimmune and autoimmune related conditions) (WOW!!!)
So that’s my explanation of it. It is based on my learnings over the last few years. Stay tuned on more posts on diet, lifestyle, how I have tried to manage my condition, work, relationships, medication, doctors, frustrations, wins, maybe even fashion tips that help me with my conditions.

The only thing tough enough to kick my ass is me


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